Why did Jessy Mendiola and her husband, Luis Manzano, leave their previous rented home?

  • 2023-01-05T13:35:53.86
  • Mharbi Edradan

To show off their new rental home, Jessy Mendiola and her husband Luis recently posted a house tour. I wondered why they chose a rental home over owning one and I learned from their vlog that their dream house is still under construction. Their rental home looks gorgeous and just from the enormous front door you can really say that their new home is a work of art. They didn't disclose the location of their rental home but it appears to be just around Quezon City as Luis jokingly said that SM north is just outside their house.


According to Jessy, since they are expecting a baby soon they need a home that is something safe. They explained that one of the factors that affected them to move out from their previous rental home is the high ceilings.  Now they moved to a safer place out of fear that their soon to be born child might fall, which has made them more cautious about the situation.


Luis then jokingly motioned to their dining area while telling a story about how their dining table has been with them since they were still boyfriend and girlfriend. They also gave us a sneak peek of their kitchenware and their snack pantry.

According to the two, while renting they are still able to keep their belongings preserved while moving from one location to another. Though this might be one of the hardest parts for other people who rent, the two always choose to bring with them their important possessions.

This is their breakfast nook where Luis watches his favorite UFC fights, plays video games and as for Jessy it’s a place for peace and quiet where she can relax. Jessy mentioned that if you’re one of their avid fans and you always watch their live streams, yes this is the spot where they always do it.

During the whole vlog you’ll really wish to have a home like this. Who wouldn’t want to? It's very spacious, has a garden, an outdoor pool, and you can even set up your gym equipment like Luis. Who would’ve thought that you can rent a place like this in Metro Manila? It’s perfect for a starting family and it’s near shopping malls like SM north, Fishermall, Ayala Malls, etc. Check out Properties in Quezon City


That’s not all, they also have a room for their guests and what I love most about it is that it has a boho-chic vibe where it’s simple and pure but also fresh and exciting. It definitely suits the whole holiday home concept where visitors and extended families can feel at home and relaxed. It looks like the place to chill while still getting the same cozy and familiar vibe of a typical home.

The final highlight of their vlog was their masters bedroom. This bedroom looks both welcoming and comfortable. It’s very contemporary. With few hints of white and gray with a chic and modern hint to the space. It also has a french door where they can open and step outside while also allowing natural light to enter. Inside their master bedroom are their most prized possessions, a walk -in closet, an artwork from local artists and they also have a couch where they can relax after a long tiring day.

What they love most about their rental home

It’s simple and clean. The house is full of natural light, it’s cozy and aside from that the neighborhood is away from the noise of the bustling city. They also mentioned that they love it because the house has clean lines and color and it’s much safer than their previous rental home. They fell in love with it instantly and it has the energy that they’re looking for in their new home.

Even celebrities with a well-established career choose to rent in order to feel the comfort and safety they seek. Just like these two celebrity couples, renting isn’t bad at all. It can provide you with the flexibility to live and to move wherever you want. You can choose to rent out near your work locations without having to compromise the quality of your life and the freedom to choose wherever you want.


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