Residential Market Insights Report For the month of September 2022

  • 2022-10-13T13:39:05.523
  • Ella E.

Signet Properties is a lead-generation platform that connects and brings an end-to-end solution for both property buyers and sellers. With this, we consistently collect monthly inquiries from property seekers that will help us provide insight into what the real estate market is looking for. 

Our database consists of our web users, social media followers, and leads from different platforms. 

A look at demands based on property type:

Signet Properties sees the demand for Condominium units, remaining as the first choice of Filipinos, as most of the property seekers are looking for locations within Metro Manila and the only viable reason for this is that condominium projects especially preselling units are much more affordable compared to getting a house and lot in the city. 

Based on our gathered data, condominium seekers peak at 51.27% followed by those looking for Residential Lots and Houses at 25.40% and  22.70% respectively


The Philippines this year has been struggling with a high inflation rate and just this month of September, it jumps up to 6.9% which means that the cost of living of Filipinos or anyone in the country especially the Metro Manila will continue to increase. From the food sector, to utilities, clothing, and most importantly, the fuel and transport. 


Despite the increasing prices of consumer goods, people are now beginning to transition back to normal. Not just the workforce but also the students of all levels have gone into the face to face setting. This explains why people are looking for convenience as much as possible so that they can get a dwelling place near their daily destination hence, their jobs or schools and universities. 

A look on top cities and popular suburbs with most inquiries from property seekers:


Signet Properties sees that the province of Cavite is the most in-demand location for the month of September at 8.8% given that the province has shown an economic sustainability and engagement of business and trade. It will continue to progress in the next few years because of the new government project the “Bataan-Cavite Interlink Bridge” which will boost the economy of the southern and northern provinces.

Next up is the region of Rizal which is located in the eastern part of Luzon. Angono, one of the provinces of Rizal region, has been recognized as the 6th most competitive town in the country. A lot of townships, major roads and highways, and especially real estate projects are being developed within the region of Rizal as it is not becoming a go-to-place because of its landscape, and the overlooking views it provides. 

With all the congesting traffic, inflations, and events booming back because of the recovery from the Pandemic, the Philippines gives a promising economic recovery because businesses have opened once again and more local and foreign tourists are ready and even started their travels as the travel restrictions have lifted up.