Investing in Real Estate this year? Read this article first.

  • 2020-07-29T20:46:01
  • Maryl Robleza

The ongoing community lockdowns continue to affect the Philippine economy. The government departments, credit rating firms, and multilateral agencies all predict an economic slowdown in the remaining months of 2020. Despite this, the real estate industry remains optimistic amid the uncertainty. Here are some insights regarding real estate investment in the New Normal:

Industrial and Logistics

Everyone started to value virtual over physical due to this crisis. The pandemic paved the way for the rise of more e-commerce platforms which means more brands are needing distribution centers and warehouses. Having said this, the industrial and logistics spaces are something to watch out for, 2020 onwards. 


BPO demand for spaces will continue to spike up and is strongest in areas like BGC (Bonifacio Global City) and Pasay. Aside from pushing for offices and warehouses, one of the strategies developers can employ is to creative leasing schemes and position their units as living in dorms of BPO employees. This is because living near workplaces is now becoming part of the new norm. With office clients leaning towards short term leases instead of long term contracts, offices can start leasing smaller spaces for more flexibility for multiple potential tenants.


The aftermath of the current COVID-19 situation caused delays in the purchase decisions of potential buyers. Developers can manage this market behavior by creating flexible packages and payment terms for consumers. There is also an opportunity to market bigger spaces for families and position this as having enough area for work and living space to prepare for the New Normal. 

Overall, as the entire market behavior shifted, the key insight here is being mindful where the demand is transferred. As investors, it is all about positioning your current spaces to contribute to where the need of the businesses and families is right now. Find the office and residential options in Signet Properties