How did Signet Event Became a Success in Cebu and Bohol?

  • 2023-02-28T16:44:51.607
  • Signet Team

Clearly, the real estate industry has remained a game of survival of the fittest, with the unfit being eliminated. True enough most of our agents/brokers/property owners attested to this quandary during the recently concluded event in Cebu and Bohol on February 21 and 22. While sharing about the latest property technologies, attendees can’t help to open up about their struggles in doing both marketing and sales. That’s why they were overjoyed that a company like Signet Properties could serve as their marketing arm in order to stay competitive in this fast-paced industry.

With Bohol and Cebu being two of the Philippines' developing provinces, hosting the "2023 Real Estate Growth" event in these areas was never a mistake. "We’re all surprised to see such a large turnout, especially in Cebu," said Ms. Lyka Corcino, one of the event's coordinators. "In fact, we were only expecting ninety (90) people to attend. That's why we were thrilled to fill the venue with a hundred and twenty (120) guests, the majority of whom were walk-ins," she added.                   


A good amount of feedback was received and it was undoubtedly a good  venue to unfold blasting ideas and opportunities for agents/brokers/property owners in the Visayas region. And for sure this is the time that they must seize up marketing opportunities especially with the latest property technologies in order to capture a wide range of property seekers without exerting too much effort and money on marketing their properties. That’s not all, in case you missed it, the event unlocked the gate to grow individual assets on selling, and guests were given a chance to collaborate with numerous real estate companies, property investors, and prominent personalities to discuss how they can help each other to thrive in the real estate sector.

For sure, Cebuanos and Boholenos are ready to take on the next step to embrace property tech methods to further increase their chances of selling their focused projects and properties. They will undoubtedly be able to thrive in this competitive real estate market if they will utilize their learnings and get a strategic advantage. Following the advice given by the speakers and socializing with other attendees will definitely help them acquire new skill sets for selling properties, and it appears that it will also encourage them to embody those people who own and run large real estate firms.


Of course, the two-day event would not have been possible without the generosity of our sponsors Ms. Jhunn Ozaraga from Arthaland and our incredible speakers Mr. OJ Lopez, and Mr. Samuel Lao, who shared their knowledge and expertise as real estate veterans. They emphasized the importance of staying current with market trends while also dynamically adapting to the technologies available in this field.

Let us not forget another successful event in Bohol thanks to our event sponsors and speakers Ms. Jemarie Gambe from Atharra Primeland Development Corporation, Mr. Clint Padua from Amira Land Development Corp, who exhibited their newly developed properties with affordable and quality type developments ideal for those looking to invest in Bohol. Aside from that, Ms. Jamicha Villanueva from Elite 8 for sharing how they got started in the field and what changes sellers must make. Mr. OJ Lopez for sharing property tech ideas, as well as the use of virtual reality/augmentation to assist property sellers.

Andre Mercado CEO of Signet Properties said that “We are honored to have a fruitful partnership with Amira Land Development Corporation, Arthaland, Atharra Primeland Development Corporation, Elite 8, Revastaff, and Realty Options Inc., who supported the event from the first day in Cebu to our last day in Bohol.”

The 2023 Real Estate Biz Growth was one way to start our eventful year.  It's a win-win situation for all of us because we've become the platform through which all real estate enthusiasts and prospective clients can connect. As we progress with the constantly emerging property technologies in this era, it is critical that all of us in this field work together to keep up, as stated by Mr. Samuel Lao in his pitch last February 21, 2023,  "Property tech is a game changing and we need to act fast or maiiwanan tayo [left behind] in the real estate industry." It's important to remember that we work in a highly competitive industry, so we must do everything we can to stay up to date with the current trends.



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